10 Day Yoga Fire

Built for the daring human-being.


What to Expect Baddies

Guidance & Inspiration

Now more than ever we need healers. Partaking in this program allows our hearts to heal, strengthen and inspire others. If you are a beginner (we all are at a point in time) or someone who wants to dig deeper into their yoga practice, this Program is for You. Modifications and advanced offerings will always be incorporated in the daily sequences. Videos will be offered every morning at 6am for 30 days. Each Video/Class will be 25-30 minutes in length. Private Vimeo or YouTube link will be sent directly to your email each morning for 10 Days. Option to do weekly check-ins Via Zoom upon request and I hope you do! Feedback after each class is always welcome. This is for YOU in service to your beauty as a human being. It's important you feel uplifted and inspired every day.

Meditation is Essential

A balanced emotional state.

Meditation is proven to help human beings with anxieties and depression amongst other things. Life is a rough road - Hell knows I need it daily! Is it some sort of cure or quick fix? Of course not, but it is essential in this life of challenges and sometimes great amounts of pain. Twice a week there will be Meditation offerings. Again, starting is the toughest part. Let me be your guide.

30 Day Program is just $10!

Open Enrollment, come in anytime sweet cheeks.



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